Aramith Nic Barrow Snooker Training Ball


Aramith Nic Barrow Snooker Training Ball

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Aramith Nic Barrow Snooker Training Ball.

Improve your potting, cue ball control and side spin skills with the world renowned snooker coach Nic Barrow. For Beginner& Advanced Snooker Players.Teaches You The Secrets Of Top Professionals Cue Ball – Positional Play / Cue Action This side shows you the mental map that professionals use to plan their cue ball control on any shot. Split into a green central line for beginners,and red advanced areas for side spin. Demystify positional play once and for all! Object Ball – Aiming, Sighting & Potting This side shows a simple two step method for finding the correct contact point to pot the object ball. Training your eyes to find the correct ‘Potting Point’ on the object ball is vital for potting straight and angled shots. Cue Ball Calculator- Break Building Place this free disc on your practice table where you want the cue ball to land. The three simple steps written on the ball force you to plan your positional play like a professional. This dramatically increases the speed that you learn and improve your positional play and break building!

Product Features:
– The Secrets Of Top Professionals Cue Ball – Positional Play
– Presented in attractive Aramith clam pack shell
– Do not fade, dis-color , crack or chip under normal use
– have can be cleaned with the special Aramith Cleaner and restorer
– Watch how the ball reacts and spins on the table – useful for practice
– 2 1/16 Ball Suitable for full size snooker tables
– Withstands over 50 times more impact and is far more scratch-resistant than polyester balls

Package Contents: 
1 x Aramith Nic Barrow Snooker Training Ball

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