Ultimate Upholstery Adhesive


Ultimate Upholstery Adhesive 500ml

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Ultimate Upholstery Adhesive 500ml

Originally created for the upholstery trade. Upholstery adhesive produces a cob-web spray pattern which gives a low soak in on porous or absorbent surfaces such as foam or fabric. Exclusively formulated as a powerful, yet flexible bonding system perfect for soft or pliable materials such as foams, fabrics or felts and all other upholstery components, allowing them to be bonded to themselves, each other or to hard surfaces such as wood, chipboard, MDF, glass, rigid plastics and most other substrates. Upholstery adhesive is now twinned with the new Easi-Flo valve and Easi-Control actuator system, which gives greater fingertip control; For larger areas, press actuator full on and move can away slightly.  For narrower band widths or to apply less adhesive press the actuator more gently and move can closer.

Recommended by Pool table fitters as one of the best adhesives for pool table recovering.

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